The AdGroup was originally started in 1986 & now comprises of a number of different companies.


AdGroup was founded in 1986 by Andrew Walker, who started Adbus Ltd. Via organic growth & the purchase of Decker Media in 2004, this grew to become the second largest bus advertising company in the UK, as well as having successful bus advertising operations in Malta, Spain & Portugal. In 2006, the bus advertising part of the business was sold to US media owner Titan Outdoor, and the other smaller parts of the business were then developed.

Eye Airports

Eye Airports was created in 2013, when AdGroup company Airport Partners Ltd bought EyeCorp Uk Ltd. Airport Partners, which started in 2006 worked with over 20 UK Regional Airports, whilst EyeCorp, originally from Australia, represented three of the top four UK Airports (Gatwick, Manchester & Stansted) as well as Belfast International, East Midlands & Bournemouth International. Eye Airports now have the advertising & experiential contracts at most of the UK Airports, have 100 million+ passengers a year going through their Airports and are an Industry leader. This company has offices in London, Manchester and Harrogate.

Community Partners

Community Partners was formed in 2006 and works with Local Authorities throughout the UK, to maximise revenues from Advertising. In 2012, Mike Brennan, the respected ex Sales Director of CBS Outdoor bought a 50% stake in this business and took over the day to day running of the company. The business has grown considerably since then and doubled in size I 2013.

Airport Partners International

Airport Partners International is a joint venture with Charles Hugill, a former Director of PSI, a major buyer of Airport Advertising space. The Company was set up to work with other Airport Advertising companies, worldwide, to maximise direct sales between them.

Graphic Evolution

Graphic Evolution is a design, print & install company that originally specialised in Bus Advertising. With the diversification of AdGroup, Graphic Evolution has also evolved into a specialist Airport Advertising company. As its prices are so competitive & its products so good, Graphic Evolution sells its services & products to non AdGroup companies as well.

Wedding Partners

Wedding Partners specialises in providing delightfully FOC links & services to Brides, via magazines and particularly from its new nationwide App.


Adxba are a top-tier solutions provider focusing on airport communication and out of home media.

Prompt Media

Prompt Media offer a variety of services from Event, Estate and campaign rollout management. They also offer revenue generation to their clients and councils and work with many media agencies to deliver regional, national & international campaigns.

Andrew Walker

Chairman & CEO

Karen Whitaker

Managing Director of Graphic Evolution
& Group HR Director for all Companies

Ged Weston

Director of EYE Airports

Mike Brennan

Managing Director of Community Partners & Group Commercial Director

Ian Sykes

Managing Director of Wedding Partners

Charlie Hugill

Director of Airport Partners International

Jim Kerr

Managing Director of Adxba

Kaushal Shah

Director of Prompt Media


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